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Monday, January 31, 2011

Privacy is Not So Private Anymore.

Ever feel like someone or something is watching you? If someone told me that years ago I would have laughed gave them a pat on the back and sent them on their way. But unfortunately, that is not the case today. When you are at the store, something is watching you. When you are walking down the street something is watching you. Pretty weird right? Well that something is a camera or a device like that. After reading an article in USA Today, titled "YES, YOU ARE BEING WATCHED," I learned that no matter what i do or where I go I am being watched.

I use to think that camera or digital sensors were important and good for catching "the bad guys" or to find missing people. Now a days these devices are only taking away privacy from innocent people who only want to live their lives.
What can we do? As long as technology continues to exist, privacy is a thing of the past.

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