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Monday, June 13, 2011

An Old Wound That Never Quite Closed

My mother started reading this book about slavery and the whole process of it. She came to be and was telling meabout the things we have read. Someone it I still don't understand but it was knowledge i will forever store. In school they didn't e;aborate on this issue much, like it was some secret.

Futher into our conversation, we began to wonder how the Africans feel about the fact that African Americans are related to them, and that they were ripped away from them. They have know knowledge of what we would have been like. They have no clue of who may be related to them.

We want to know how they feel now about the many black people in the states and the islands that were once their own people. I want to know do they still feel the pain that was tattooed on their lives those decades ago?

2012 Big Laugh, Or Big End??

Every where I go I here four numbers amist each conversation. It didn't dawn on me until it arose in a conversation of my own. Is 2012 something to worry about? Is it the end?

No man knows the time nor place...this is what church folk tell me. But it's obvious, our planet, our only home, is dying. We are it's killers.

What do the people think about this?